Young Toddler Sensory Bug Bin

As proof that I don't only make printables for a homeschool year that hasn't started yet, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the things my toddlers do while I make printables.  This bug bin was set up for my almost 2 year old.  The bugs are from the Dollar Store, as is the shot glass (I love those colorful things!).  The sensory material is black beans (about 1/2 cup).  The bin is a small shoe-box sized (but with shorter walls) container from Walmart.  I love this size for sensory bin/small world play because they fit so nicely on the kids' high chair trays.  Surprisingly, my younger toddler is really good about keeping the materials in the bin.  I have to watch him for signs of boredom though because he still shows me he's all done by dumping the bucket on the floor.  I know that this isn't a particularly interesting sensory bin but it kept Skimmer happy for about 30 min, at which time I switched out the bin contents and he was content for another 20 min of so.  Another advantage of sensory bins is the specialness of them.  I only get them out occasionally and that makes them a privilege.  I also reserve these bins for happy times, not for times when everything is falling apart.  If they're well rested (like right after a nap), then they can enjoy things pretty easily and without much mess.


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