What's the Plan (letter order)

This is the letter order plan from LessonsLearntJournal.com
My preschool plan is to use the same themes for a few years, roughly ages 3-6.  Therefore, not everything on my blog or in this list is strictly for "preschoolers."  In creating these themes, I wanted to have a lot of choice and diversity for different levels of learning.  You can also check out my Pinterest boards for more ideas.

Preschool Themes:

a- apples
          counting busy bag

m- milk (farm, cow, milk products)

t- trees (life cycle, fall, leaves)

s- seeds
          planting coloring page
          seed matching

i- ice cream
          patterning folder game

f- fire (fire safety, firemen)
          fire truck roll and cover

d- duck (pond)
           number line busy bag
          spelling folder game

e- eggs (metamorphosis, frog and butterfly life cycles)*
          folder games

r- rain (water cycle, rainbow, colors)
          color spelling
          writing practice

Oo- ocean
          Nemo folder game

g- groceries (food, shopping, recipes, measuring)
          food count and count 
          comparing worksheets
          group sizes worksheets

Uu- universe (space, planets)**

h- harvest (autumn, Thanksgiving)

Cc- cookies (Christmas baking)
          addition folder game

b- babies (nativity, baby animals, baby care)
          Bethlehem folder game

n- night (Night Before Christmas, Silent Night, opposites)
          matching folder game

Kk- king (princesses/kings/knights)
          counting folder game

Vv- vehicles (cars, trucks, planes)

l- laundry (folding, washing, clotheslines)
           size sorting folder game
           socks folder game 2
           number line busy bag

Ww- winter (snow, mittens, snowmen)
           marshmallow counting

j- jungle
         teen numbers folder game

Pp- penguins (ice)

Yy- yarn (sheep, colors, manufacturing)
          colors folder game
          yarn worksheets 1
          yarn worksheets 2

T-Rex- dinosaurs

L- lions and other cats (comparing, Africa)

M- monster (number sense, greater/less)
         differences worksheets
         pattern worksheets
         comparing worksheets
         roll and cover game
         math game
         size sorting
         word sorting

F- flowers (spring, life cycle)
          seed matching 

D- desert (Wild West, Oregon Trail, American desert/west)
          Safari Ltd busy bag
          Cattle Drive Game

I- Idaho (our state :-) camping, hiking, fishing, mountains, bears)
          bear folder game
          writing camping words
          comparing worksheets
          group sizes worksheets

N- nests (birds)

A- America (history, states, map work)
         inventions 3 part cards
         history 3 part cards

R- Resurrection (Easter, opposites)
         color gradient

E-  Earth (continents, ocean/land)

H- Homes and Habitats (human homes, animal homes, types of habitats)
          matching folder game

G- grasshopper (bugs)
          bee folder game
          bee folder game 2
          bee counting busy bag

B- body (systems, development)

x- X marks the spot (pirates)
          map folder game
          counting treasure

q- questions (anything the kids want to study, "qu" words and the wedding of Q and U)

z- zoo (more animals, habitats, A-Z animals)

J- juggle (circus)

Q- quilt (patterns)
          patterns busy bag

Bonus: Handwriting Cards 

*I switched the "l" and "e" to bring the "metamorphasis unit closer to the "pond" unit and introduce the letter "e" a little earlier.
** I also switched the "h" and "u" so that "h is for harvest" unit is on the week of Thanksgiving.

Last edited on Aug 11, 2014


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