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Monday, September 1, 2014

Interview With Dragonfly

This is Dragonfly's first year of homeschooling and, boy, is she excited.  She's been asking me every day for weeks if she can start "today."  So fun.  I'm excited to start it too.  But, first, here's an interview from Dragonfly about her life and hopes for the future.

Name: Dragonfly (not her real name)

Age: 3

Height: 34"

Friends: (Auntie) Katie and (Auntie) Emi (and she plays with her brothers a lot)

Favorite Thing Play: ocean animals in the bathtub

Favorite Color:  purple stuff

Favorite Book: I don't know, Mommy

Favorite Movie:  Elmo (anything Sesame Street)

Favorite Food:  mac and cheese

When I Grow Up:  I want to have babies and feed them Mommy Milk (sometimes she says that she wants to be a "tummy mommy")

Quotes: "dino-foam" (styrofoam)
              "No, brother!" (to either of them)
              "I can't like that."
              "I'm just a little girl."

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