Christmas Sneek Peek 2

Introducing the second Christmas sneak peek- a Rapunzel wig!  I've seen tutorials on Pinterest for yarn wigs and decided to risk my sanity making one.  I started with nearly 3 skeins of yarn and stretched them out between a fireplace hook and our play kitchen.  It looked something like this:
Learn a lesson from my mistakes- tie your yarn together into hanks when it's still taught on the hook instead of waiting.  It took me until the 3rd skein to do it right.  I tied spare yarn around the hanks about every foot, which greatly reduced my frustration as I braided.  If your going to add ribbon in the braid, it would be a good idea to tie it in with the rest of the yarn, instead of the way I did it which was a mess.  Here's a picture of the yarn ready for plaiting.

Then, just start braiding from the center outwards.  I did about one foot on each side of the middle and then joined them.  This created a very natural-looking braid.  I also chose to twist my braid a bit so that the middle was flat and fat instead of narrow (like a fold).  Observe:
 Add the ribbons (if you haven't already) and separate the six hanks of yarn into three plaits.  Begin braiding again.  This is the hardest part.  Braid and braid and braid forever.  Until, at last, you get to the end.  Then, rubber band the braid strands together.  If you weren't prepared for this step, wander around the house with the braid around your neck and the ends held in one hand, while looking for one.  Plug in the glue gun.  Here comes the fun part!

Hot glue the rubber band in place.  Use an entire stick of glue, then add a ribbon to hide the mess.  I had made a bunch of felt flowers (tutorial here), so I glued those all over the braid.  The hardest part was making sure that the center of the flower was on a "joint" of the braid for a more realistic look.  Realistic for yarn hair and felt flowers.

When you run out of flowers, run around the house, showing everyone your creation.  Wrap with the dress and wait for Christmas!

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