Crafting There is Half the Fun

The motto for road trips is "getting there is half the fun" but I'd say that "crafting there is also half the fun.  Our road trip is still 9 months away, but I can't seem to stop crafting for it.  I have at least six things in progress right now.  Today, I'd like to share three projects that I've finished, two originals and one slightly less original.

I have seen empty chapstick cases used for many things on Pinterest, but I haven't seen anyone make a first aid kit with them.  This one has a few ibuprofen in it.  It will go in a larger, child-proof bottle with a few more tubes of medicine.  The "stick" of medicines would be perfect for a day outing or even a vacation if one didn't need to worry about children accessing it.
 I first wrote about this game here.

I think this might be an original idea (at least I haven't seen one like it on Pinterest).  The game is velco, which I chose because it is safer for little kids.  The case is a card box from this year's Christmas cards (very strong).  I modge podged the paper onto the box and sealed it with another layer of modge podge.  Then, I added velcro to the wooden game pieces and the board (make sure they're opposites).

One side of the box is tic-tac-to (mater).  The outside of the lid looks like the picture on the left and the inside looks like the above picture.
The other side of the box has another Pixar game- Finding Nemo themed tic-tac-toe.  The inside of this lid has a blue velco board for playing with the Nemo and Dory game pieces.

Everything can be velcroed to their game boards and then the two lids go back together.  It ended up being a cute little project.

This is a bucket for our road trip pulley system (original idea here).  It will be used to send snacks, etc, from the front of the car to the back.  The knit fabric is wrapped around a plastic container for rigidity and cleanliness.  This, too, is going in my bin of road trip projects.


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