Dress-Up Rack Reveal

 The rack itself is made out of 1" PVC pipe.  It's just a rectangular box.  I created the hooks by adding metal hardware (key rings and such) to colorful chip clips.  I'm hoping that the design and wider "squeezy-part" will mean that the kids will be independent at getting the clothes down and put away again (a mom can only hope).  I like how colorful and inviting they look on the rack.
The first side has a clear plastic canister (from the Dollar Tree) zip-tied to the left corner.  The canister holds the insulation and duck tape swords (tutorial here).  Next to them hangs two Dollar Tree superhero capes (with breakaway velcro fasteners).  The boy's tie (with an elastic neck band) and his "just like Daddy" apron are in the middle.  The apron has a button down dress shirt and black dress "pants."  This is not what "Daddy" usually wears- just in case you were wondering.  The girl's "just like Mommy" apron dress is next.  The apron has a flowered bodice and skirt and a white apron (written about here).  This is not what "Mommy" usually wears either- this is just a "non-princess" dress-up outfit.  Toward the end is the doctor's coat and stethoscope.  I bought the stethoscope on Halloween clearance in the accessories section.  We were surprised today to find out that it really works!  I think the kids are really going to have fun with that.  We'll have to add these neat x-rays to our light box doctor's office play.
 Coming around to the right, there is this funny looking cover.  Why Cars fabric?  Because that's what my son is obsessed with.  I was also hoping to tone down the "girly-ness" of the rack by adding that "boy part."  On the left is a Snow Queen cape (tutorial here).  It's made from some snowflake (glitter!) fabric that I found at Halloween time.  The pocket on the Cars fabric is full of shoes, dancing ribbons, and gloves.  Not really boy stuff- so I'll have to work on that.

The "front" side of the rack is also full of treasures.  The left side has a jedi robe for the boy (tutorial here).  It wasn't made very well, since it was one of the first things I made.  If he plays with it a lot, then I can make a better one for his birthday (besides, I fully expect him to outgrow this one in a year).  Next to it is a ribbon skirt (tutorial here).  I'm hoping it will last longer than a tulle skirt plus I love the way the ribbons feel.  One of the dancing ribbons matches it, which adds a bit of fun.  In October, I picked up the other dancing skirt from the thrift store.  It's just a simple, classic one.  I need to by a leotard, but it didn't happen this Christmas.  On the end is a few accessories: two knit crowns, a bead necklace, and a feather boa (which we already had in our house).

It's been months and months of work, planning, sewing, Pinteresting, and knitting, but it's finally done.  I can't wait to see how the kids will respond to it.  And, Dragonfly still gets to open her "Rapunzel" apron dress and wig as a separate gift.


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