Mini Sensory Bottles

In my road trip preparations, I've started making sensory/discovery bottles again (I wrote about them first here).  The pink bottle is composed of mostly baby oil, a bit of water, food coloring, and glitter.  The clear one is corn syrup with floral beads.  Both bottles are hot glued shut (super glue didn't last long, in our experience).  I can't open them so I'm hoping that the kids can't open them either (especially in the car).

As I previously wrote, we love the 3oz travel bottles for this project.  They're just the right size for
my toddlers' hands.  I also like how light and transportable they are at this size.  Hopefully, they'll buy us some time on our road trip.

I've made a few more since I took these pictures.  A green one with "watered-down" corn syrup (to change the viscosity) and lots of glitter.  It's a nice "calm-down" bottle.  I've seen them made with glue but I didn't have any the house.  The corn syrup was in the back of my cupboard, so that's why I've been using it.

The other bottle was baby oil and straight pins.  I was hoping that the pins would float around a bit in the oil but they just fall as if they were in water.  Unfortunately, I had already glued the lid on.  Fortunately, the bottles are cheap enough that it doesn't hurt too badly to start over.  I fully intend to make a few more of these bottles.  I really enjoy making them.


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