Pirate-Themed Road Trip

The kids got a bunch of pirate dress-up items (hats, treasure, hooks...) for Christmas from one of their aunts.  They've been having a lot of fun wearing the accessories and fighting with the swords I made them.  All the while, I've been obsessively planning the road trip.  Then, I ran into this post on Pinterest and the pirate themed road trip took on a life of it's own.

In my typical fashion, I've been pinning all sorts of treasures.  Like these adorable (and printable) peg people for small world play or these Safari toob figures.  I've even found a free audio book version of Peter Pan and lots of Youtube videos of read-aloud books.  Of course, a pirate ship (across the unrelenting prairie) needs vittles like these fruit skewers.  And, we can't forget costumes!

Dragonfly has already been telling everyone that we're having a pirate-themed road trip, even though she didn't even know what a pirate was until a few days ago.  We'll have to see what becomes of this idea in the next few months.  Either way, perhaps I've helped inspire you to plan a themed road trip for yourself.


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