Pixar Games

My kids (3, 2, 1) love Pixar movies!  Skimmer's favorites are the Cars and Planes ones, while Dragonfly prefers the Toy Story series.  With their favorites in mind, I've created these two games in preparation for our family road trip (still 9 months away).

For Skimmer, I made this tic-tac-to-Mater game.  The game features Lightening McQueen and Mater in a friendly competition for 3-in-a-row.  I made the car pieces to fit on 1.5" wood disks (found here).  As you'll soon see, I'm a bit addicted to these wood disks.  I love that you can print something (like the Advent calendar), modge podge it to a disk, and create a decent, enduring game.  With 3 toddlers in the house, everything has to be durable or it just doesn't last.

Anyway, here is the free printable game for making your own set.

For Dragonfly's love of Toy Story, I made a character matching game using these cupcake toppers from Over the Big Moon.  I printed two copies and modge podge them onto more wood disks.  I still need to add a fun paper on the "backs" of the disks to make them coordinated.  My intention is that we could play this game in the hotel or with our relatives at the reunion.  For playing in the car, I'm going to print off a third copy of the cupcake toppers for her to use with one set of characters in a simplified matching game.

Then, because I'm obsessed with the wood disks, and because my kids' other favorite movie is Finding Nemo, I also made a set of Nemo and Dory tic-tac-toe game pieces.

Be sure to check back often for more road trip idea.


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