Road Trip Activity Planner

I've just found out that we're going on a road trip!!!  I'm super excited.  Road trips are one of my favorite things.  Unfortunately, the trip isn't until Sept.  Fortunately, that gives me lots of time to plan and craft.  And, boy do I have a big list! (these are all links to the original)

- magnetic treasure bottle
- marble sensory bottle
- static electricity sensory bottle
"Let it Snow" sensory bottle
- jingle bell ribbon pull
- printable road map for cars
- velcro sticks
- geo boards
- printable coloring sheets
- magnetic dancing ballerina
- printable Tangled Pre-K pack

- lacing cards/sewing kit
- velcro tetris blocks
- foam sticker sorting
- clipping mat
- printable "road trip" games (and here and here)
- tangram puzzle
- doll house
- hexicards puzzle
- velcro block puzzles
- PBJ game (planning to use this bread template)
- marble maze (or the cloth kind)
- button snake
- printable Mr Potato Head
- popsicle sticks puzzles
- swaddle baby
- magnetic fishing game

I plan on packaging my activities in metal tins in hopes that they'll survive the journey.  Some of the activities will be self contained, while others will require additional pieces.  Also, who knows how many of these I'll actually do.  So far, I've made a few sensory bottles, the swaddle baby, two tic-tac-toe games, and one matching game.  I'm crafting crazy.

In addition to the activities I hope to make, I'd also like to sew several items for the inside of the car to make the journey more pleasant.  These include:

- center console (mine)
- car pillow
- car seat footrest
- road trip timeline (and here and here and here)
- Kindle headrest holder
- divider (or here)
- emergency toilet (we'll have at least 2 potty-training toddlers)
- hanging basket
- lap desk (and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7)
- DVD player holder
- neck pillow
- seat belt pillow

As you can see, another long list of craft-abilities.  So exciting!  I've already made the hanging basket, the binder travel board (lap desk 7), and most of the center console (been working on it for a long time).  I told my sister-in-law that if I can craft my way to the road trip, then I'll be pretty happy.  Now, off to the fabric store!



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