Sewing Up a Storm

I thought it would be fun to share all the sewing I've been doing lately.  I got the machine last Christmas, and am only now feeling confident enough in my skills for sewing to be enjoyable.  I've been sewing dress-up costumes, gift bags, things for the kitchen, and random things I saw on Pinterest.  Here are a few examples of the "kitchen things":

 First, a classic, simple hanging towel.  Nothing interesting about the way I made it.  Just some cuteness for this Christmas season.
 This was our old method of storing extra plastic bags.  It was convenient, but (as you can see) it didn't always work well.  This particular bag has been shred by the cat, who decided a plastic bag full of bags was the best toy ever.  It needed a better solution.
 Tada!  The solution- a cloth bag holder made from an "extra" kitchen towel.  I stretched elastic out as I sewed to give the opening a stretchy, ruffled top.  I also made "buttonholes" for the first time for the "hanging holes."  And, in case you were wondering, the bag is held by the child safety cabinet lock and a nail (we're renters and it was already in the door).  I'm excited that the bag is also washable and should last a long time.
 When my mother-in-law visited last Feb, she started this apron for me.  She left before she had finished it, figuring that I could handle the sewing.  It took me up until this week before I had the confidence to put the ties onto this apron.  It seems very silly but- TADA- it's finished.

I also used a spare, matching blue towel to make an apron for Dragonfly (age 3).  She was pretty excited about it; although we haven't had a chance to test it.


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