More Quiet Book Pages

 I'm back with more quiet book pages.  This piggy bank is another "fought after" set-up.  The slit goes all the way though the page to spit the coins into a see-through zipper bag.  My kids were pretty fascinated with the "magic" of it.

Inspiration from here.
 This dump truck is not finished yet (I need my husband to bring up the anvil and hammer).  The wheels will have eyelets in them and be held on by buttons so that they can be spun.  My boys love spinning wheels!

The template for the truck came from the Serving Pink Lemonade website.

Most of this page is hot glued.
 Another "skills" page- clipping.  I had all of the ribbon already in the house and some of the clips.  My daughter loved clipping her car seat when she was about two years old, so I'm hoping that this will please the current two year old as well.
 I originally wanted to do a Mr Potato Head page, but I started getting twitchy when I thought about trying to keep track of all the pieces.  This "funny face" was my compromise.  The mouth will be done the same way as the wheels (eyelet and button) so that it can turn from smile to frown and back again.  I'm hoping that this will provide a conversation piece for my toddler to learn body parts and emotions.

I'll have more in a few days.


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