Quiet Book #2

 The last few posts have been about Tadpole's quiet book (the small brown one- which isn't done).  This next book is for Skimmer (almost 3 years old).  For his book, I decided to use pre-cut white felt from Wal-mart (which turned out not to be uniform after all).  Tadpole's pages are roughly 6x9.  Skimmer's pages are 12x9.

This is a simple fastener page.  Lots of texture.
 This is a set of skills pages- zipping on one and snapping on another.  Both are made of old clothes from Goodwill (newborn or premie sizes).  I turned them inside out, sewed up their sides and bottom, and cut off the access fabric.  Then, I turned them right-side out and top stitched them onto the felt pages.  I'm hoping this will encourage the boys to practice their dressing skills.

This might not look like a sewing challenge but it is filled with new experiences.  The cages are cut into the felt from freezer paper stencils and then sewn onto vinyl.  I'd never sewn vinyl before so that was pretty exciting.

These cages are set up as pockets, which will have finger puppets inside them for some pretend play.  I haven't made the animals yet or even finished this page (I ran out of grey felt!).

The zoo page was inspired by this blog.


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