Still More Quiet Book

 Are you sick of Quiet Book pages yet.  They are my newest crafting obsession.  So easy and fun.  I love the "mixed media" aspect of them as well.  Most of it's felt but there are also ribbons, buttons, google eyes, craft sticks, hot glue, metal, magnets, clothes, and my sewing machine.  This project has me running all over the house for bit and bobs and inspiration.

This is a simple page for working on counting.  I used buttons, beads, rings, and paper straws.

 This was created as an easy, low skills page.  The fish are felt with felt loops on their backs to allow them to slide along with ribbon.  They also have google eyes for fun and interest.  The "seaweed" is rick-rack left over from the "Finding Nemo" adoption party last year.

The stop light was created with a template from Serving Pink Lemonade.  Unfortunately, I put the lights on upside down.  So silly.  I'm hoping that my cars-loving boys will enjoy putting this stoplight together (the right way).  Perhaps, we'll even sneak in some color matching/naming and a driving lesson.

More pages coming soon.


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