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 It's Superbowl time!  And, our team, the Seahawks, are playing.   Nine years ago, the Seahawks were also in the Bowl and we were pregnant.  The Seadogs lost the game and we lost our baby the same day.

Nine years later, the Seahawks are in the championship again, and we're the busy parents of three kids.  As a way to focus on the fun part of the day (getting to spend it with our kids), I decided to try sewing some custom fan gear.

I started with my first-ever circle skirt.  It was quite a learning experience but I love the way it looks on her (and no, the writing isn't upside down all the way around the skirt).  Next, I ironed the helmets from the fabric onto t-shirts for all three kids.  It was like magic.

My husband grew up in Latin America, so our family calls soccer "futbal."  Here is the quiet book page that I made for Skimmer's book.  Dragonfly claims that she also wants one.  I haven't decided if I'll give in yet or if I'll just switch the page between the two books.

The idea came from this picture.  Hers is much nicer.  Here is the free pattern so you can make your own:

Soccer Field


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