Circular Calendar For Children

We've had a circular calendar in our "Apple Room" for several months.  It was one that I made, where each day of the week has it's own color.  The "color wheel" also has an arrow that we move around the calendar clockwise.  It's been very helpful in teaching the kids their colors and the days of the week.  However, we're still struggling a bit.  The calendar needed something more.  So, I set out today to update our set up and this is the result.
I decided to add pictures on each date to help the kids associate the day of the week with the activity that we do that day.  Monday is the day my husband goes back to work on the airplanes (after a 3 day weekend!) so there's an airplane on that date.  Tuesday is laundry day.  Wednesday is dance class.  Thursday is usually the day that we have company for dinner so I've made that baking day.  Friday is shopping, library, errand day.  "Purple Day" is the kids favorite day, since it's the day that the whole family is at home and is mainly family/house focused (I guess it should be a house then?).  Sunday is church day.  And, then we start again.

 Contact me at in.our.pond (at) if you'd like a copy of my circle calendar (with or without the pictures).  Thanks for reading.


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