Easy Scented Rice Sensory Bin

In the world of sensory bins, it's easy to get bogged down with complicated small worlds (like the fairy garden) and unnumerable pieces.  My kids like the complicated bins, but they really like the simple ones that I make.  They each have some colored rice and one toy.  That's it.  And, that kept them content for about 20 minutes.  Dragonfly spent most of her time scooping the rice into the "shot glass" and dumping it back out, then running the rice through her fingers.  She's very texture-focused.  Skimmer drove his construction truck around the bin, pushing the rice around in piles.  He tends to enjoy pretend play.  I try to keep this in mind when designing their sensory bins.  Happy kids are worth the mess.

(the white tube is a six inch length of PVC pipe that Tadpole was using as a tunnel for his matchbox truck)


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