H is for Homes and Habitats

I recently added a "Pin It" button to my blog, so I've been going back through my previous posts and "pinning" everything to it's rightful board.  You can see my homeschooling planning boards and anything else that interests me on my Pinterest page (here).

One of the things that I've noticed is how bad I've been at blogging our homeschooling journey.  We've been doing "stuff" (or at least reading books about our theme) every week, but I haven't been writing about it.  Bummer.

This week, I'm going to start fresh.  Perhaps I'll do better for the rest of the year (we can hope).

Theme: Homes and Habitats

Practical: map of the area around our home
   -difference between a house and a home
   -looked at maps of where we live

Sensory: building a fairy home
              -sorting animals by habitat

Educational: explored Google Earth
   -talked about earth rotation and revolution
   -talked about days and seasons
   -explored why earthquakes happen

Work Boxes: matching folder game

Books: 0 (literally we didn't read any books)

Song: didn't find one

Outings: dance class, birthday party, shopping


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