It's My Blogging Birthday!

I've survived year one of blogging!  We're on Pinterest (and I just added a handing "Pin Me" button to all my pictures).  And, today, I just launched a Facebook fan site.  Follow "In Our Pond" on Facebook to get all the latest blog posts and news.
In Our Pond's 1st Birthday

To celebrate my blogging birthday, I made some cupcakes (and muffins).  The free template I used came from the blog, Pieces By Polly.  We already had a metal mini cupcake pan, so I decided to make a variety of baked goods.  The orange-brown ones are pumpkin muffins (my favorite), the tan ones are banana muffins, and there are three chocolate cupcakes and three vanilla ones.

Felt Cupcakes and Muffins from In Our Pond
The frosting for the cupcakes is strips of felt about half an inch thick that I twisted and stitched to the cake with invisible thread.  All of my felt came from Michaels Craft, as did most of the matching embroidery thread.  They're stuffed with polyfil.

Here's to a new year!


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