Power Outage Activities

 This morning, we had a power outage.  And, this is what we did while the power was out- sensory bins!
 Tadpole's sensory bin was the easiest one to set up.  I put him in his high chair and gave him a shallow tray with a tiny bit of water.  He had so much fun splashing and giggling.  I think he lasted about 10 minutes before the entertainment factor wore out.  Then, I fed him a snack.
Dragonfly's bin was also pretty simple.  She requested some beans and a cup for filling and dumping.  Her set-up is on the table, so we always add a cookie sheet underneath.  Her main rule for sensory play time is that she has to keep her mess contained within the cookie sheet.
Skimmer had the most complicated set-up.  He requested dinosaurs and pebbles and did very well keeping everything in his tray (not one rock ended up on the floor).  He spent some time dropping rocks in the tube, but mainly he growled and pretended to eat them.


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