2 Minute Oatmeal

Life with 3 little kids is chaos most of the time.  Here's a recipe to use when you just need to get them fed (and it's my kids favorite).

2 Minute Oatmeal
1) Turn on the hot water in the kitchen sink.

2) Fill a bowl 4/5 full of quick oats (bought in bulk)

3) Push bowl under running water and fill until you can see a bit of water at the top

4) Get another one or two bowls (or more if you're feeding more kids)

5) Dump the "cooked" oatmeal into the bowls, dividing it as evenly as possible

6) Add applesauce and cloves or flavored yogurt

7) Stir it all together.  Add spoons and serve.

I often keep it all in one bowl and feed it to the toddlers while they're in the bathtub- baby bird style.

If they eat well, you can follow up their oatmeal with a popsicle.


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