G is for Grasshopper (and other bugs)

We only have a few more weeks of official Mommy School left.  This year has gone so quickly; although it didn't look exactly like I planned.  I've read enough homeschooling blogs to know that how we're feeling is normal.
Theme: G is for Grasshopper

Practical: bug catching outside

Sensory: bug sensory bin
              -dirt play dough (planned but didn't happen)
             - tasting honey

Educational: dead or alive ladybug game
                    - counting bugs
                    - learned that bees make honey

Work Boxes: bee folder game
                     - bee folder game 2
                     - bee counting busy bag
                     - pattern block bee hive

Books: "I Love You, Stinky Face"
           -  "The Best Bug Parade"
          - "Bugs A-Z"
          - "Grasshoppers"
          - "The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive
          - "Are You a Bee?"

Song: theme song from the Bug Zone

Outing: the yard/woods to look for bugs
fill and dump game with the bugs


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