q is for questions (hummingbirds)

I found out this week that it is illegal to own a hummingbird nest or the eggs.  Therefore, I made
us the functional scale model using a lip balm container (about the size of a quarter) and
a couple of chickpeas for eggs.  I also learned that hummingbirds always lay two eggs at a time.
When I was writing the Mommy School Curriculum last summer, I thought it would be a good idea to turn the letter "q" into a unit where the kids' could pick the area of study.  Last week, when we had seven birds at our feeder, Dragonfly asked if we could study hummingbirds this week.  I've decided to expand it into a study of birds, nests, and eggs.

Theme: q is for questions (hummingbirds)


Sensory: bird seed bin

Educational: comparing different size/colors eggs
                     video of hummingbirds from birth to flight

Work Boxes:

Books: "A Hummingbird's Life"
            "Dancers in the Garden"

Song: "Rocking Robin"

Outing: a chicken house on a friends farm to see nesting boxes, hens, chicks, and eggs.

My lungs weren't very good this week so a lot of what I planned didn't get done.  I had hoped to make candy nests, cheerio bird feeders, and a sensory bin.  I also had several work boxes planned but we didn't end up doing any of them.  I don't feel badly about this at all- this is partly why I make my own curriculum.  There's always next week and next year.

Activities That We Didn't Do:
          - "cooking" candy nests
          - DIY bird feeders (cereal)
          - counting eggs on numbers
          - roll and count nest game
          - catching worms game
          - parts of a bird puzzle

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