Step by Step Montessori (snack drawer)

A wise person once told me: "Montessori looks different for everyone."  The advice couldn't have been more freeing.  I had been all tied in images I had seen of people's homes, but I couldn't see my own life/home fitting those images.  Ones like this, this, and this.  I'm not saying that these people are doing Montessori "wrong," instead I'm reminding myself not to be intimidated.
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So, I've decided to take it step by step.  My first step is a snack drawer for my kids.  My Montessori doesn't need to look like anyone else's Montessori- this is my mantra.  And, this is my end result:
A small, ill-used drawer with just a few "convenience" snacks in it.  The kids can access these at any time (although I do cut them off about an hour and a half before dinner).  I'm training them away from the bad habit of climbing on the counter to get a snack.  Perhaps soon, I'll do something similar in the fridge.  For now, this is step one.  And, I'm okay with that.

Challenge: Pick one place, one small thing, and change it.


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