"To the Edge" VBS Daily Log

Space Commander Daily Log, Day 1, Entry 1:  I wish our VBS launch schedule hadn't collided with the family reunion last weekend.  All I can think about is sleep.  My brain is foggy.  My kids are grumpy.  How are we going to get through the day?

Space Commander Daily Log, Day 1, Entry 2:  Kids too tired and excited to nap.  Mom needs sleep!  Send reinforcements.

Space Commander Daily Log, Day 2, Entry 1:  Kids sneaked a bottle of soap into their room last night and painted themselves and their room with it.  Baths first thing this morning,  One of the kids was starting to smell like a space chimp so the bath isn't necessarily bad.  When am I going to get the energy to clean up their room?

Space Commander Daily Log, Day 3, Entry 1:  I hit a wall and no longer care if my kids have shoes to wear to church.  They're happier barefoot so we're going "just as you are" today.

Space Commander Daily Log, Day 3, Entry 2:  We're running low on provisions.  Huston, send help.

Space Commander Daily Log, Day 4, Entry 1:  It's a bit of a thrill to get in the shower and wonder what you'll find when you come back out.  Will the kids have torn apart the house like space monkeys?  Will there be bananas smashed everywhere?  Will they have gone on a space walk without telling me?  Or will the stay in front of the movie that I put on?

Space Commander Daily Log, Day 4, Entry 2:  The hardest part of my day is trying to keep the kids awake while I drive home.  I must succeed!  Or risk an incomplete cycle of hyper sleep.  I really can't do any more nights of kids bouncing on the bed late into the night.

Space Commander Daily Log, Day 5, Entry 1:  Well, we didn't find the Edge of the Universe, God sure pushed me to the edge this week.  I did the 2 Ways 2 Live Gospel presentation, and had three children decide to take the crown off of their own heads, lay it at Jesus' feet, and acknowledge that Jesus is King.  It was pretty neat.  I had never been the main teacher before and was pretty intimidated about it.  But, I'm glad I go to lead them and teach them this week.  I know I'll never be the same.


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