Year One Review

The public schools are finishing up this week, so we decided to end our formal studies as well.  As I think about the past year, here are a few of my favorite things:

- free printables created by other people (especially Imagine Our Life and Every Star is Different)
- my laminator (available on Amazon here)
- Universal laminating sheets (here)
- big zipper pouches for binders (Staples)
- Safari Ltd Toobs (like these)
- the local library

Basically, our entire first year of homeschooling can be summed up with those six things.  Next year, I hope to add some more hands-on materials including more Toobs, life-cycle figurines, a globe, a felt world map, and lots more printed materials.  I'd like for us to continue introducing bits and pieces of the Montessori method.  Eventually, I hope to have "learning shelves" with trays of activities for them to chose from during school time.

With Dragonfly (who will be 4), I'd like to see her master numbers and their values (at least through 10), begin to identify letters, and continue to be excited about learning.  We will also be working on practical and "school-readiness" skills.  She's very science motivated (and is getting a microscope for her birthday), so many of our units will emphasize scientific content, vocabulary, and methods.  Perhaps she will be like my husband and be motivated to learn to read so that she can read reference materials.

Skimmer and Tadpole will join Dragonfly's studies are they are able.  I will also continue to work with them on practical skills (listening, obeying, dressing, toileting, etc).

I'm excited for next year and have already began to prepare for it.  Stay tuned!


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