Safari Ltd Toob Ideas

Update (04-18)  This blog post was one of my most popular, but it was unattractive and and outdated.  I redid it with all my current Safari Ltd ideas and added some pinnable images.  I hope you enjoy the changes.

Montessori-Inspired 3-Part Matching Cards

Antarctic Animals

Australian Animals

Backyard Birds


Deep Sea Animals

Desert Animals

Dinosaur Skulls

Endangered Land Animals

Endangered Marine Animals

European Landmarks


Fruits and Veggies

Galapagos Animals




Mammal Skulls

Monkeys and Apes

New York City

North American Animals

Ocean Animals

River Animals



USA symbols

Whales and Dolphins

Zoo Animals

Sensory Bin with Safari Toobs

Fairy Garden

Horse Rice Bin

Backyard Birds Bin

Coral Reef Water Bin

Turtle Splash Tray

Australia Rice Bin

Frog Life Cycle

Dinosaur Rock Bin

Frog Splash Tray

Other Safari Ltd Ideas

Chicken Life Cycle

Pirate Map

Math 10-Frames

Literacy Scavenger Hunt Bottle

Safari Toob Storage

Bee Life Cycle

A-Z Bookends

Continent Box

Ocean Sensory Bottle


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