Christian Doctrine for Preschoolers?

Several years ago, a lot of homeschooling bloggers were talking about the "Songs for Saplings" ABC project and how helpful it was for learning Scriptures.  Because of the ages of my kids at the time, I put the idea on hold and waited.

A week ago or so, I ran across a blog post that was again extolling the merits of "Songs for Saplings."  On a lark, I went onto the groups website, where I saw that they were having a major sale.  I immediately bought their entire collection, eight CDs, for about $8 (they normally would have cost me almost $100).  After I bought them, I wondered if I had been too impulsive.

I am so glad I bought them!  Firstly, they aren't annoying kids' albums with lots of strange sound effects- this is real music with a variety of instruments.  Secondly, they're not filled with fluffy songs- every song contains solid, Biblical teaching.  Thirdly, I can't think of a better way to teach doctrine to my kids than through music.

The main collection (Questions and Answers) is six CD's of pure Bible doctrine.  Every song has a question, an answer (hence the name), and a Bible verse with reference.  For example, one person sings, "Who made you?" and then the rest of them answer "God made me."  They sing this question and answer a few times (which is great for memorization) and then they sing "Genesis 1:27, In the beginning God made man, in His own image...."  It would be hard to not learn the Bible while listening to these.

Like I said before, these are not fluffy CDs.  This is good spiritual food for kids.  Topics covered include:
the official website also has free
chords and sheet music- they encourage
you to use it in your church!
- who is God
- what is God like
- the Trinity
- how God made man
- why God made man
- the traits of man (body and spirit)
- what else God made
- the perfection of the Garden

And that's just disk one.  Disk two covers sin and our need for salvation.  Disk three is all about Christ's work of atonement (yes, they use big, heavy Bible words like that) and his role as Prophet, Priest, and King.  Song about the Word of God are on disk four and songs about prayer and the sacraments are on disk five.  Finally, the collection wraps up with Christ's return.

I think the most extraordinary thing about these CDs is that they're useful for adults too.  I often find myself playing the disks when the kids are sleeping or playing elsewhere.  Because each song is meaty with Bible verses, it makes for refreshing listening.  This music makes you feel good.  As yet another bonus, the songs are available in multiple languages, and they're continuing to translate the songs into other languages.

Here's the Songs for Saplings website.  Buy some good stuff for your family, in digital copy or CD- today.  You won't regret it.

*All thoughts and opinions are mine.  Songs of Saplings isn't paying me or giving me anything for this blog post*


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