Handwriting Help for the Do-It-Yourself Educator

As I have been preparing for a new school year, I've been doing many wild goose chases through Pinterst and Google in search of the things I need to make my school run smoothly.  Since I am a do-it-yourself educator, I've been searching primarily for "pieces" that I can use, rather than already assembled kits.  Here's what I've found that's free:

handwriting charts from 1+1+1=1 (many fonts and types)

Free Fonts
- KG Primary Italics which looks the most like DNealian script
- KG Primary Penmanship which is the regular "stick and ball" letter formation style
- KG Primary Dots for tracing
- Ulusa Okul cursive font
- KG Traditional Fractions for writing math worksheets

Journal Topics
- theme words from Zeek's Zoo
- monthly prompts from Busy Teacher's Cafe

I feel strange because this post isn't very exciting.  Perhaps someone will find it useful anyways.


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