Our 2015-2016 Classroom (work boxes)

I've been reorganizing the homeschool room in preparation for our next school year.  I got rid of the K-cup machine, which we hadn't used it probably 6 months, and cleared a place in the kitchen for the microwave.  Those two changes freed up an entire shelf to use for homeschooling!

I bought another 5 paper drawers and stacked them on the shelf.  As you can see, each drawer has a label to help us all find what we need.  On the left side, I numbered the drawers 1-6, because these will be our "work boxes" for each week's theme.  Each drawer will contain an activity or two for our school time that the kids will do at the table.

The top middle drawer is where I'll put a mini sensory bin or the supplies I want to use for a big sensory bin.  For example, if we're doing pirates, I would put our wooden letter X, the "pirate treasure," and the gold coins.

The next drawer will hold our books for each theme- or at least the ones that will fit.

The bottom middle drawer is for Dragonfly's science notebook and school supplies (see the Science Girl post for more information).

So that Skimmer doesn't feel left out, I've given him a drawer for his supplies.  I'm calling his composition book a "Scribble Journal."

                                       There are two empty drawers right now, but I'm sure they'll be
                                       filled before the year is over.

In the top right drawer, I have our "sand tray" for letter writing practice.  Our current sand mixture is blue with silver glitter, but I anticipate changing it every month or so to keep it interesting.  Our sandpaper letters will probably also be stored in this drawer.

The next two drawers have my things in them.  One is for school supplies: my scissors, glue, extra pencils, the staples, etc.  The other drawer has our calendar board pieces, the sign language alphabet cards, and our build-a-letter pieces.

The girl on the picture is holding an ink pad and stamp- this is the drawer where I'm storing our letter stamps and any other random ones we've collected.

My last labeled drawer is for "math stuff."  The main thing in
this drawer is our spindles for counting.  I'd like to add math
beads one day (like this).

I will post more about our classroom soon.


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