Our 2015-2016 Classroom (calendar)

Post #2 of our classroom.  Post #1 is *here.*

New this year is our calendar board.  The board itself is made from a black foam boards, lined with wood rulers.

The upper left corner has our months of the year circular calendar.  The Earth is anchored and the big wheel spins, but the whole thing can be taken down to show how the Earth goes around the sun.  The graphics for the rainbow months come from Mr. Printables (here).

Below the year calendar is a card for the seasons.  The cards are included in my calendar packet.

The ABC Bible verses came from Homeschool Creations (here).

I ran out of velcro dots, so I haven't been able to finish the calendar yet.  The numbers and headers are available in my calendar printable pack.

To the right of the calendar is the small months of the year list.  I think it will be helpful to have all the months in a list when we sing the "months of the year" song.  The graphics on the cards match the monthly headers that I made for the calendar.  I think this will help us to find where in the year we are and to see which months comes before and after it.  These cards are also be included in my calendar packet.

Left of the months is our weather area.  Skimmer (>3) loves to tell me the weather each morning (It's sunny to-day!).  I made realistic picture cards to show our most common weather options: rainy, cloudy, sunny, snowy, stormy, and windy.  These cards are in my calendar packet.

Lastly, the weekly calendar in the top middle has been posted about before.  *Here* is the link to download a blank version of the rainbow weekly calendar.

To download the complete Preschool Calendar Kit, click *here*

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