Summer Theme: John Deere

We had a birthday this week.  Skimmer turned 3!
This was the cake my mom and sister made for him.  It was a train with 4 sections, which stretched out about four feet.  It was pretty amazing.

As part of Skimmer's birthday celebration, I asked him what theme he would like to do for Mommy School this week.  I suggested train, since that was his birthday party theme.  He insisted on John Deere.  Trains would have been easier- we have a lot of trains in the house.  Instead, I "followed the child" and did a tractor theme.

This is how Skimmer spent most of the week- outside in the dirt with his new John Deere tractor.  He's come in covered in dirt every day this week.

The problem with a "John Deere" theme is that we don't have any tractor toys (except for the big one in the other picture).  The kids were asking for a sensory bin so I gave them this one with green rice "grass" and a few bugs from the Safari toob.  They didn't care it didn't have any tractors in it.

The inspiration for this sensory bin came from remembering my granddad's coffee breath.  He was a farmer.  I used instant coffee, a dropper, and a few bugs.

Books: Fantastic Farm Machines
            Johnnie Tractor Saves the Parade
            Farm Machines
            I Drive a Tractor
            One Tractor: A Counting Book
            Following the Tractor
            Tractor Day

Other ideas: mud painting
                    tractor washing
                    tractor coloring page
                    construction paper tractor picture
                    tractor kindergarten pack


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