Science Notebook for Preschoolers

As I said in a previous blog post, I have a science girl in the family.  In order to encourage and direct her interests, I'm adding a "Science Notebook" to our plans for next year.  I'm listing the planned pages on this blog to help me organize them and to make them easily accessible throughout the year.  Of course, if you see something that you'd like to use for your kids, then go ahead and grab it.

The first page of the notebook (pictured) is an introduction.  I wrote for her, since she's not writing yet.  The text says, "My name is ___.  I am 4 years old.  I am a scientist."  I also had her draw a picture of herself.  She drew herself as a little baby and then as a "grown-up."  I had her glue the drawing into her notebook and explained that we're going to be doing a lot of coloring, cutting, and gluing this year in Mommy School.  This little project was a great introduction for our materials and how to use them. I also plan on reading the book "What is Science?" with her soon.

Here are the rest of the pages by theme:

apples- life cycle coloring and pasting (free on TPT) and parts of an apple (free from A Little Pinch of Perfect)

milk- taste test (DIY) and parts of a cow labeling (free from TPT)

trees- parts of a tree coloring (free from the Helpful Garden) and trees in season labeling (free from the Helpful Garden)

seeds- germination experiment (free journal from Teaching Mama) and parts of a seed (free from the Helpful Garden) and life cycle of a pumpkin (free from Montessori for Everyone)

insects- ant and lady bug life cycles (free from Lapbook Lessons)

rain- color mixing chart (free from Adventures in Kindergarten) and rain cycle (from Two Teaching Mommies)

fire- fire safety book (free from Every Star is Different)

ducks- sink/float experiment (DIY) and duck family (free from 1+1+1=1)

eggs- butterfly (free from Lapbook Lessons) and frog life cycles (free from TPT or here)

ocean- sea turtle life cycle (free from TPT) and parts of a fish (free from the Learning Parade)

universe- planet order pocket (free from 1+1+1=1) and planet mini book (free from TPT)

harvest- label a turkey (free from TPT)

cookies- candy cane experiments (free from TPT) and cookie science (free from TPT)

babies- human life cycle (free from and nativity labeling (free from TPT)

night- nocturnal animals lift the flap (free from TPT) and comparing day and night (free from TPT)

king (week of Christmas)- gifts to Jesus drawing (free from TPT)

giraffe- parts of a giraffe book (free from TPT)

vehicles- will it roll experiment (DIY) and community helper's vehicles (free from TPT)

laundry- bubble solution experiment (DIY)

winter- measuring snow (DIY) and melting ice experiment (DIY)

jungle- 4 things needed in a rainforest book (free at Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus) and food from the rainforest recipe (free at Artful Parent and DIY) and the snakeskin/glue experiement

Penguins- life cycle of a penguins and parts of a penguin

Yarn- parts of a sheep worksheet (free from TPT)

T-rex- paleontology dig (DIY) and parts of a paleontologist (DIY) and dinosaur mini books (free from

Lollipops- gummy bear science (free from the Homegrown Preschooler) and rock candy experiment (recipe from Paging Fun Mums)

Monsters- self-inflating monster (idea from Artsy Momma and DIY) and slime (recipe from All Things Simple)

Food- what happens when food is cooked (free printable from A Mom With a Lesson Plan) and magic milk (recipe on P is for Preschooler)

Desert- Cactus experiment (seen on Stay at Home Educator) and the life cycle of a snake (free from Kid Zone)

Resurrection (nothing planned)

Idaho- my world mapping activity (free printable on Every Star is Different)

Nests- chicken life cycle (free from Learn Create Love) bird labeling (free from TPT)

America- color the regions (DIY)

Earth- landforms book (free from TPT) and land/water coloring page (free from Hello Kids)

Hat- oobleck experiment (free at TPT) and states of matter sort (free from TPT)

Garden- parts of a flower (free from 123Homeschool4Me) and what plants need (free from Corkboard Connections)

Body- my fingerprints (trace hand and stamp) and "about me" book (free from TPT)

Pirates- parts of a pirate (DIY) and pirate ship experiment (DIY)

questions (open to what the child wants to learn, so not planned activities this week)

Zoo- what is a habitat (free from TPT)

Juggle- balance experiment (free from Primary Science)

Quilt (no science planned this week)

So, there it is.  Mommy School officially starts on Sept. 8th.


  1. I love all these wonderful resources-Thanks for including our parts of an apple book!

  2. You're welcome! I'm excited to use them next week when we start Mommy School.

  3. These are so great! I can't wait to use these for my soon to be 4yo :D


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