t is for tree (year 2, week 3)

We're on track with our homeschooling, which I think is a big accomplishment.  This week, we will be learning about trees, both coniferous and deciduous.

Day 1
We finished up some "milk week" business that we hadn't finished last week.  The kids tasted three "kinds" of milk and decided which kind they liked best.  All three decided they liked the strawberry the best and put their results in their notebook.

Day 2
We spent all day doing "practical work" lessons.  We cleaned the house, and the kids took turns vacuuming (for the first time!).  They also got to practice their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination by helping me line dry our clothes.  It was a big day spent under the trees, but no other school work got done.

Day 3
Wednesday is our Bible study/socialization day, so we often don't have school on this day of the week.

Day 4
The night before was a late one for the kids after spending the evening with their grandma and aunties.  Today consisted of long naps (not for the mommy though- why is that?) and play time.  Dragonfly vacuumed for me again, which was nice.

Day 5
Today, I followed my child's lead and explored cinnamon bark (sticks).  We tasted them, talked about them, looked them up on Google, tried to grate them, and finally smashed them with a hammer.

Books: Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
            A Tree for Emmy
            The Apple Tree
            Trout are Made of Trees

Other Ideas: tree nut sorting
                    tree in seasons printable
                    tree ring notebooking activity
                    parts of a tree cards
                    leaf pounding
                    conifer tree identification cards
                    tree writing tray
                    crayon rubbing
                    nature walks


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