DIY- mini ornaments

One of my sisters is in college, so I thought it would be fun to put together a miniature Christmas tree set for her fall birthday.  I bought the tree and mini lights off the internet and made the rest.

DIY Mini Ornaments from In Our Pond

Snowman- I started with 6 small wood disks and painted them.  I drew the face and buttons on them and modge podged all the disks.  Then, I started gluing the disks in a line, sandwiching a penny between the disks for weight.  A piece of ribbon as a scarf completes the snowman.

Gingerbread House- the pattern is from Imagine Our Life

Pumpkin- The birthday girl loves all things pumpkin and usually has pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream for her birthday.  My ornament is a mini version of the pattern found on the American Felt and Craft blog.

Globe- My husband helped me break this globe off of a Safari Toob lid.  I added a button on each end to create a hanger.

Coffee- I introduced the birthday girl to lattes when she was in kindergarten so this ornament is especially meaningful to us.  I was inspired by the tutorial on Doll Diaries but I chose to use felt as my "drink" instead of paint, securing the ornament hanger in the middle of the roll.  Then, I used hot glue to build up a mound for the "whipped cream" to sit on.  Next, I added layer after layer of puff paint, which took several days because each layer needed to dry completely before I added the next one.

DIY Mini Ornaments from In Our Pond

Coffee/Cocoa- made from the pattern at Imagine Our Life

Mitten- also from Imagine Our Life

Java- this is a large button I found

Gingerbread Man- pattern found at Imagine Our Life

Pumpkin Pi- The birthday girl is an education major so I wanted to include at least one school-themed ornament.  The hardest part was re-sizing the pi sign.  I started with a bottle cap and hot glued layers of felt in it.  The pi symbol is modge podged onto the felt with another layer of glue over the top to hold it down.  I'm sure there was a better way to attach the pi sign, but the modge podge worked fine and dried clear.

Book- (not pictured)  A cute charm I found at Hobby Lobby with pages that open.

This project has excited me to do more felt work (look for posts in the future) and has made me want to do more miniature ornaments.  Here are some future ideas for the birthday girl:
           - petri dish (education major)
           - goat (favorite animal)
           - cupcake (birthday)
           - camping jug (camping)
           - apple (for the teacher)
           - Mexican flag (Spanish major)
           - artist canvas (painter)
           - cookie pan (baker)


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