f is for fire (year 2, week 8)

Day 1
We're still sick (going on 3 weeks), so today was another day of sleeping and resting.

Day 2
We talked about the time that Daddy's clothes caught on fire and practiced stop-drop-and-roll.

Day 3
Bible study day- no school

Day 4
We watched some fire safety videos on Youtube.
Fire Safety Video for Kids- a song one that was engaging for the kids but not very deep
Fire Safety Education Video- a big corny but covered a lot of topics in a simple manner
Elmo: Fire at Hooper's Store- a Sesame Street classic
A Day in the Life of a Firefighter- a documentary style video without too much realism.  A bit boring for the youngest ones but interesting for the 4 year old on up.  Shows details about their truck, gear, and training.

firefighter 3-part cards
fireman preschool pack
"what if" discussion cards
fire safety book
fire safety rules
fire truck pack
fire truck roll and cover

fire science
pretend firefighting
fire ball toss
fire safety practice
fire fighting pretend game

- Fire Truck
- Fire House
- Fire Trucks

*Next time, I need to do fire week after National Fire Prevention Month so I can get better books*

Summer Theme- Wildfires


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