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Saturday, November 28, 2015

H is for Harvest (year 2, week 12)

It's Thanksgiving Week!  I had a bunch of activities planned, but our week didn't go as planned at all!

Day 1
We're sick again and Daddy came home sick today so we didn't get any Mommy School done.  Instead, I spent a few hours packing and sorting things from our upcoming move.

Day 2
Today was our first snowfall of the year.  The kids spent most of the day running around outside and taking warm baths.

Day 3
We had a very busy day looking at houses with all three kid and our realtor.  After we got home, we finally did a bit of Mommy School.  We played with Indian Corn that I had bought at the Farmer's Market this fall.

Tadpole loved feeling the corn kernels and pulling on the stray silks.  I tried to show him how to pluck the kernels out but he got mad that he couldn't eat them.

Dragonfly eagerly took the corn away from her brother.  She attempted to pick the kernels out with tweezers, but she decided it was too hard.  I think I had the wrong size tweezers for the kernels.

I also made the kids some corn meal play dough.  All three kids loved the texture and spent a long time squishing and kneading it.

After we were done with our table time, we put the ear of corn in a bowl of water to see if we could get it to sprout.  My goal is to show my kids that corn is a seed, since we've sprouted a few other seeds this year.

Update (Dec. 10, 2015)- The kids were so surprised to see that the "dead," dried out Indian corn spouted.  They excitedly announced, "They're seeds!"

- Thanksgiving spelling game
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- how cranberries are grown video
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- Pilgrim/Mayflower video
- Thanksgiving dinner manners practice
- exploring grains
- how it's made: cranberries

- The Berenstains Bears Thanksgiving Blessings
- Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation
- All About Turkeys
- Thanksgiving Day Alphabet
- Thanksgiving Day Thanks
- Llama Gives Thanks
- The Night Before Thanksgiving
- Bear Says Thanks
- God Gave Us Thankful Hearts
- P is for Pilgrim

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

o is for ocean (year 2, week 11)

Day 1
We learned a bit about clown fish today.

Day 2
We had a surprise power outage from a storm so all our day got derailed to survival.  Part of my preparations includes a bunch of glow sticks tucked in next to our emergency phone and flashlights.  These glow balls came from the Dollar Tree and are probably one of the favorite things we've bought from there.

Day 3
Bible study day!

Day 4
We learned about sea turtles and their life cycle today.  The kids enjoyed our life cycle figurines from Safari and spent lots of time playing with them.

Day 5
Dragonfly loves sharks!  She even has a great white shark on her Christmas list,  She was so excited to see that I had bought the Safari Toob to add to our homeschool supplies.  I think she played with her sensory bin for an hour.

- Finding Nemo Matching Real to Cartoon Animals
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- A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
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- Ocean Commotion: Life on the Reef
- The Coral Reef: a Giant City Under the Sea
- Smiley Shark
- Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea
- At This Very Moment

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

e is for eggs (year 2, week 10)

This week was supposed to be "e is for eggs" with an emphasis on frog and butterfly metamorphosis.  We had just done insects a few weeks ago and frogs over the summer, so the kids were completely uninterested in this theme.  I'm learning that Dragonfly (especially) has a hunger for learning, but has no tolerance for repetition.  Perhaps this will change, but for now, it's making things challenging and interesting.

So that my research doesn't go to waste, here's what we were planning on using/doing/printing.

- metamorphosis games (frog and butterfly)
- counting frogs
- what hatches from an egg
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- butterfly lapbook
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- croaking frog
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- butterfly sensory bin
- no sew caterpillar that turns into a butterfly

- Watch Me Grow: Butterfly
- From Tadpole to Frog
- The Frogs and Toads All Sang
- A Frog in a Bog
- The Life Cycle of a Butterfly
- The Life Cycle of a Frog

Dragonfly got to go to Frozen on Ice last weekend, so we've been doing a few a Frozen themed activities.  I followed the recipe on this mom blog and made two kinds of slime.

Our first batch followed her formula but ended up very springy with a lot of resistance.  I'm calling it Silly Putty, even though that's not quite the right consistency either.  We used blue glitter glue and a bit of white glue to equal 8oz.  I think I should have incorporated the liquid more.  Instead, I pulled out the wad and discarded the rest.  It may have been a difference substance if I had worked at it more.

Dragonfly loves all sensory play and played with the putty the longest.  She couldn't get enough!

All the kids enjoyed the putty.  These are Tadpole's hands.  I think you can almost feel his wonder.  He couldn't stop giggling.

Skimmer enjoyed squishing the putty too.

Next, I made another batch with a smaller amount of borax (no one ate it so we didn't have any adverse reactions).  This mixture was like the goop that you get when you mix water and cornstarch.  The kids loved how it was constantly changing forms.  I liked how it most liked to be with itself and was easy to clean.

Dragonfly absolutely loved the goop!  It was exactly the sort of thing that she enjoys.  We'll have to make it again soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thanksgiving Freebie

This Turkey Day, I'm thankful for my blog readers!  I made this simple busy bag game as a gift to you.

Click on the link to download it, print out the bag, and paste the letters onto milk jug lids for an easy game to play while the turkey cooks.  Make a few sets and have spelling contests.  A Scrabble cheat site I checked said that there were over 300 words that could be spelled with this one word.

I hope you enjoy the printable.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

d is for duck (year 2, week 9)

It's pond week!

Day 1
We watched a few Youtube videos about ducks!
- 10 Little Rubber Ducks (audiobook)
- 5 Little Ducks song
- Ducklings on Slides
- Ducklings First Swim
- Duckling to Duck
- Hatching from Eggs

Day 2
Following this project idea from Pinterest, we made duck calls!  I'm not sure if they sounded very much like ducks, but they were entertaining.

Day 3
Bible study day- no school.

Day 4
I didn't do any formal school today but Dragonfly surprised me by washing the dishes before I started dinner.  It was a very sweet thing for her to do, a practical still to practice, and a fun thing for her to do.
Day 5
We made a turkey roast today, which provided many opportunities for learning.  The kids know what live turkeys look like because wild ones hang out in our yard, so I spent some time explaining the different parts of the dead turkey.  We talked about how it couldn't gobble because it was dead and what dad means.  The kids asked questions about who killed the animal and why.  We talked about blood and how all living things have it and compared living with non-living.  They wanted to know why it was ok to touch/eat the cooked bird vs the uncooked bird.  They marveled at what had changed about the animal from life to death and from raw to cooked.  They wanted to know what it tasted like.  We compared the turkey to what we learned this week about ducks and talked about what might be similar or different.  We talked about whether the turkey came from an egg or from a "tummy mommy."  They learned so much and none of it involved a textbook or even a book.

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Lucky Duckings
Around the Pond: Who's Been Here?
Bear Feels Scared
Pond Circle
Ducklings and Polliwogs
Moonshadow's Journey
Dimity Duck

Monday, November 2, 2015

Felt Christmas Tree Skirt

Felt Christmas Tree Skirt and Mini Ornaments from In Our Pond
I wrote a few days ago about a mini tree that I made for my sister (here).  I also made a felt tree skirt for it.  I made a pattern with a 12x12 piece of paper.  Then, I folded my fabric in half and then in half again to make a smaller square.

Felt Christmas Tree Skirt and Mini Ornaments from In Our Pond
I taped the pattern onto my felt and carefully cut it out.  This was definitely the hardest part.

Felt Christmas Tree Skirt and Mini Ornaments from In Our Pond
I appliqued the snowman faces and trees onto the skirt and then blanket stitched around the edges.  It was a fun project, and I think it turned out pretty well.