o is for ocean (year 2, week 11)

Day 1
We learned a bit about clown fish today.

Day 2
We had a surprise power outage from a storm so all our day got derailed to survival.  Part of my preparations includes a bunch of glow sticks tucked in next to our emergency phone and flashlights.  These glow balls came from the Dollar Tree and are probably one of the favorite things we've bought from there.

Day 3
Bible study day!

Day 4
We learned about sea turtles and their life cycle today.  The kids enjoyed our life cycle figurines from Safari and spent lots of time playing with them.

Day 5
Dragonfly loves sharks!  She even has a great white shark on her Christmas list,  She was so excited to see that I had bought the Safari Toob to add to our homeschool supplies.  I think she played with her sensory bin for an hour.

- Finding Nemo Matching Real to Cartoon Animals
- parts of a shark ($)
- Don't Wake the Shark Matching Game
- shark coloring page
- shark toob matching cards
- fish labeling
- 50 sharks cards
- ocean toob cards
- life cycle of a sea turtle cards
- ocean addition cards
- ocean math
- sorting fish from mammals cards
- ocean bump game
- reef grammar "farm" cards
- coral reef toob cards
- ocean preschool pack
- count and clip cards
- coral reef printables

- Baby Shark Song
- ocean writing tray
- shark unit
- layers of the ocean jar
- sea turtle sensory bin
- salt vs fresh water experiment
- octopus ink experiment
- bubble counting
- diver pretend play set
- shark sensory bin
- coral reef sensory bin
- land forms
- tide pool experiment

- A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
- Surprising Sharks
- Ocean Commotion: Life on the Reef
- The Coral Reef: a Giant City Under the Sea
- Smiley Shark
- Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea
- At This Very Moment

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