k is for king (year 2, week 16)

Merry Christmas!  I thought we'd spend this week focusing on the Wise Men (who visited Jesus) and add in a bit of fairy tale fun.  With that in mind, here's what I had planned on for the week.

- King Me file folder game
- ruler of the ruler math activity
- key match math
- medieval printables

- orange pomanders
- gift wrapping practice
- clipping clothespins on a gift box
- styrofoam ball ornaments
- make-your-own-perfume activity
- smelling bottles
- grating cinnamon
- patterns with jewels
- sorting jewels
- covering the letter with jewels
- gold sensory bin
- Christmas smells sensory experience

Even though Mommy did very little school with them this week, the kids did their own activities.  One of their favorites was "gift giving."  They would find a random box, stuff some toys into it, and gift it to a family member.  It was a great chance to practice grace and curtsy in the giving and receiving of gifts.  Sometimes, the child would give the gift to him/herself and pretend to be surprised when they opened the gift.  "Oh, thank you!" they would exclaim again and again.  So sweet!

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