n is for night/nutcracker/nativity/nocturnal (year 2, week 15)

I've decided to continue presenting my finding and plans for Mommy School even though we didn't do any of it this week.  I'm not sure how much "schooling" we'll be doing for the next few months as we buy a house and move.  Here are some of the things I had found to do this week:

- 3-part nocturnal animals cards
- nocturnal vs diurnal animal sorting cards
- bat activities
- night and day animals (video)
- nocturnal animal sensory bin

- dance of the sugar plum fairy played on glasses (video)
- free preschool pack
- ballet preschool pack
- Nutcracker Montessori activities
- Nutcracker 3-part cards
- how nutcrackers are made (video)
- Nutcracker matching game
- snowflake ballerinas

- Silent Night copy work
- n is for nativity craft

- starry play dough
- n is for night activities

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