Ten Things I Need to Organize

As we're preparing to move houses, I have quite a few organizational projects on my list.  Look for posts in the near future detailing how I've solved my issues.

Issue #1- The DVDs.  Right now, they're in a bunch of zippered cases.  The problem is that no single disk has a specific home so *you* must search through every case to find the movie you want.  Our most frequently used movies are in a pile on top of the DVD player.  It's always a mess.

Issue #2- The Devices.  I recently labeled the cords to match the devices.  For now, the devices sit in a wood box on top of the microwave.  When we move, the same set-up will probably not work any longer.  My hope is to find an enclosed system that will protect our devices from gross things (if we locate it in the kitchen) and keep them out of sight.

Issue #3- The Launch Pad.  At this house, our launch pad is a basket by our main door that hangs on a little shelf.  The shelf has cup hooks for our keys, and the basket holds the wallets, cell phone, etc.  I'm sure we won't be able to have the same system in the new house.  I'm sure this will be on the top of our list after we move.

Issue #4- The Craft Supplies.  Right now, my craft supplies are in three different places.  My sewing machine and fabric are in our "Apple Room," because I sew at the table.  The majority of my craft supplies are in our bedroom closet, but I also have a stash in a kitchen cupboard since I usually craft at the kitchen counters.  At the new house, I'd love to have everything together, possibly in the adult bedroom where I can (theoretically) protect it from the kids.

Issue #5- The Coffee Station.  We have a regular coffeemaker that we pull in and out of a cupboard every time we want a cup of joe.  It's inconvenient.  My dream for the next house is to have a "coffee station" where all the coffee supplies can be kept in a pleasing and organized manner.  I'm also feeling drawn back to the "coffee shop" decor.

Issue #6- Mason Jars.  I like to buy my spices in bulk, and I store them in mason jars.  At the current house, they're in a jumble on the counters, organized but not pretty.  I'd love to have a couple build-in shelves for the jars or possibly even mount them under the cupboards.

Issue #7- Toys.  Is there any family that doesn't have toy organization on their list?  Right now, we have a good system for the kids' toys.  We converted the entryway closet into a "toy closet" and have all the toys stored in bins.  When the kids want a set of toys out of the closet (for example, the dublos), then they must pick up the living room to make room to play with the new toys.  If they want another box, then they must pick up the one that's already out.  This child-led but parent-directed method has worked very well for us.  Our house is still very messy, but the toy control helps it not be a dumping zone all the time.  We're going to need something similar at the new house.

Issue #8- The Kids' Clothes.  To reign in the chaos a little, the kids' clothes are not stored in their room.  Instead, we keep the clothes in other closets with child locks.  At the new house, the hallway near the bathroom has built in storage.  I think we'll probably use that but I'm not sure.

Issue #9- The Command Center.  Another thing I need to figure out is where the landline phone jack is in the new house to see where our command center needs to be located.  The move has also prompted me to rework our "family brain book," updating all the phone numbers, emergency numbers, and calendars.

Issue #10- Coats and Shoes.  In any family, the question of where to put the coats and shoes is a big deal.  Our old house has the "Apple Room," a combination eating area, office, craft space, and mud room.  The new house doesn't have an obvious mud room, so I'm going to have to make one.

As you can see, I have lots to do.  So, what's on your organizational wish list?


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