The Secret to Bubbly Bubble Baths

Happy New Year!  To celebrate the beginning of 2016, I've decided to share one of my favorite Mommy Tricks with you- the secret to Bubbly Bubble Bath.

I have 3 kids, who love to take bubble baths.  But, buying bubble bath soap at the store always made me sad because of how much I would need to use to make the amount of bubbles the kids craved.

On one particular day, I wanted to give the kids a soothing bath, so I dumped a bunch of baking soda into the bathtub as I was filling the water.  Soon after that, the kids squirted some of their regular tear-free soap into the tub.  To our amazement, the baking soda had helped soften the water and made the regular soap into bubble bath.  Happy kids.  Happy mom.

So there you go.  The secret to bubbly bubble baths is baking soda!

Tune in next time, when I'll tell you the secret to stretching your dish soap.  Hint: it involves baking soda.

{Mommy Tricks Series}


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