8 Moving Tips You Haven't Read Yet

I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest planning the organization and design of our new house and reading everyone else's tips for moving.  Over and over, I've read about purging unwanted belongings, labeling boxes by room, and packing room by room.  I thought that all the moving tips had been blogged, and then I discovered a few more.

1- PACK WHAT RELAXES YOU LAST.  We've all read the moving tip that says you should leave some toys unpacked to entertain the kids, but I have yet to read a blog that gives me permission to leave out some of my own favorites.  I'm a crafter, so I need my craft supplies to be packed last (and even some to be left out and never packed).  For my sanity, I need to know that I can have an idea and start making it without too much waiting time.  Not being able to craft makes me anxious.  A bit of knitting or some random glue gun craft relaxes me and makes the whole move less stressful.  I don't know what relaxes you or makes you happy, but whatever that item/activity, you should pack it last.

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2- READ SOME GOOD MOVING BOOKS.  My kids are 4, 3, and 2, so this is the first move that they remember.  We've really enjoyed reading "I'm Not Moving, Mama!" by Nancy White Carlstrom.  The book was published in the 90's and is currently out of print.  The story follows a mouse boy and his mom as they pack for a move.  Every time the mom puts one of the boy's belongings in a box, the boy tells his mom, "You can take my ___ but I'm not moving, Mama!"  It's a great book for using your whiny/grumpy/bratty child voice- my kids love that part of the book.  The story provides an outlet to talk with your children about their feelings over the move and ends with the reassurance that even in a new house, the family will remain together.

3- USE UP YOUR SENSORY BIN STASH.  Ok, so this might be unique to us.  Instead of packing three boxes of cornstarch and five boxes of baking soda (cause that stuff is heavy), make some sensory soup or fake snow and use it up.  As a bonus, it'll give the kids something interesting to do while you pack.

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4- MAKE A MOVING COUNTDOWN CALENDAR.  My kids are very worried that the move is going to be a surprise.  To help them prepare for the move, I've made a countdown calendar to hang on our blank walls.  You can read about it more here.  Or, you can DIY a stress-reducing calendar for adults (or kids- if they make you share) with bubble wrap.

5- KEEP YOUR SCHEDULE.  Moving is a crazy time, but as much as you are able, you should try to keep the kids' schedule the same.

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6- TREAT THE MOVE LIKE AN ADVENTURE.  In the stress of packing, organizing, and planning for the move, it's easy to forget that moving is an adventure.  Instead of thinking about all the things you have to do or all the things you're leaving behind, focus on the new things you'll get to discover.  Talk about the new house and dream about what life in the new house will be like.  A joyful outlook will make such a difference in your attitude and the children's feelings about the move.

7- PACK SOME GARBAGE BAGS.  Instead of bringing a box of garbage bags with you to your new house, pack some garbage bags in the boxes.  When you pack a box for the bathroom, for example, tuck a garbage bag in there.  Maybe you won't need it, but at least you'll have an extra one on hand.  Tuck another garbage bag in a kitchen box or bedroom box.  If you don't need the bag at the time of unpacking, stash it under the sink (or leave it in the same room as the unpacking) and save it for later.

8- THE STRESS OF THE MOVE IS TEMPORARY.  No matter how stressful the move seems at any given time, it will eventually end.  Take a deep breath and keep packing!


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