Fish Are Friends Shark Printable

picture from Pixar Wikia
The kids have loved Finding Nemo for years and are eagerly counting down to Finding Dory.  In fact, Dragonfly wants it to be her first movie that she sees in the theater.  The kids have decided that they'd like their new bathroom to be Finding Nemo themed, which I think will be really fun.  Perhaps, we'll be able to add some "Finding Dory" accessories later this year.

I'm going to be posting a series of 3 (or maybe more) Finding Nemo pictures.  The background picture isn't the best quality (probably because it was free).  Still, they should be able to be printed on a regular piece of paper and cut down to an 8x10.  You can download the print here.

Finding Nemo Printables
Fish Are Friends
The Whole Ocean


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