g is for giraffe (year 2, week 19)

I'm continuing my homeschooling series even as my family is in the middle of a move and isn't doing any homeschooling right now.  The theme for this week is "g is for giraffe" which will include a brief look at Africa and African animals.  A better title for this unit would probably be "S is for Safari," but I'm sticking with the letter "g" for now.  I was really looking forward to this unit, so I think we'll have to come back to it after life settles down.  This would be a great unit to introduce the kids to the Africa Continent Box.

giraffe measuring activity
safari spelling words and math activity
how to draw a giraffe
Africa printable pack
100 animals from Africa (and much more)
parts of a giraffe
giraffe preschool pack
small picture to larger picture matching
African animals camouflage pictures

flag puzzles
safari sensory bin
classroom safari
close-ups of animal skins
virtual field trip video
savanna safari video
(animal) family matters video 
wild cats video

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  1. I loved doing Unit Studies when my daughter was homeschooling. It was her favorite way to learn :) Thanks for sharing your post at Together on Tuesdays!!!


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