l is for laundry (year 2, week 18)

Our new house has a clothesline already installed in the backyard, which I'm really excited to use.  This week's theme is focusing on the practical activities of doing the laundry, folding, and matching clothes.

laundry theme pictures
sock matching file folder game
sock number line (even and odd)
laundry sorting file folder game

clothesline activity
making bubbles experiment
handwashing laundry
matching real socks
folding a wash cloth

I've been staring out at the snow all week and dreaming about my new home.  Of course, I've also been doing a bit of Pinteresting.  Check out some of the great things I've found.  As always, please pin at the original source.

I really love how easy this clothespin bag would be to make.  It's just a pair of jeans, cut off at the crotch, and sewn shut.  A recycled pants hanger makes an easy holder for the bag.  Fill it with pins and hang it on the line.

Speaking of clothespins, look at these!  I won't be able to replace all my clothespins right away, but I'm going to buy a pack of them for drying jeans and such.  Eventually, I'd love to get rid of all the regular wood clothespins since they have such a tendency to break apart as you use them.


Lastly, I found this tutorial on how to line-dry clothes.  My favorite tip is to sort the clothes as you take them out of the washer and prepare them a certain way to get them ready for line drying.  She also has a video showing "the right way" to hang up clothes to dry.

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