Moving Countdown for Kids

As I've mentioned many times in the last month, our family is getting ready for a move.  Every time, I pack a box, the kids ask me if "we're moving right now."  They really don't want the moving day to be a surprise.  To help them countdown to the big day, I've made a series of 2-D boxes.  Each box has an activity on it that is related to moving, packing, or saying good-bye.  There are 21 printed activities and 1 blank box for families to write in their own special idea.

I'm planning on choosing 7-10 "boxes" for my kids (once we learn our moving date).  I'm going to tape them on our wall in a line, turned over so the activity is a surprise.  Every day, we'll turn over a box and do the activity.  The boxes say things like "decorate a box" or "take a picture of your room."  All 21 activities are easy, child-focused, and free.  When the kids turn over the last box, it will be moving day!

As always, I'm offering this printable for free.  You can download it here.


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your printable with us at Merry Monday:-)

  2. I'm hoping its a great idea ;-) We still need to test it out. It feels like a great idea. Thanks for hosting the link-up.


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