Unknitting (archived post)

I'm going to start bringing all my favorite posts from my two old blogs and putting them on this one.  I'm beginning with my knitting blog, which I called "A Yarn About Knitting."  I was very bad about keeping it updated, so there aren't very many posts to rewrite.  This post was originally written on Nov. 10, 2009.

There is nothing I hate more than unknitting.  Well, except for crochet and tangles in my yarn, but I digress.  Unknitting is when you have to take a piece of lovely knitting, hours of your life, and unknit it back to where the mistake was made.  The progress of unknitting can sometimes take twice as much time as actually knitting, and with the knitting up, unknitting, and reknitting, mistakes are just a time sucker.  Which is why I usually ignore them.  I refuse to waste time fixing mistakes, after all, we're not perfect, so why try?

Remember how I said, "usually?"  That means that sometimes I see no option except unknitting.  It urks me greatly, but I still do it.  Like last Saturday, when I had to unknit an heirloom type of knitting (and inch of knitting on tiny needles for probably 30 stitches to the row).  It's enough to make me want to throw my needles away.  But, then, I remember that I could be crocheting right now instead, and I pick them back up again.  All Saturday was spent getting down to the mistake, fixing it, then reknitting it back to where I had started that day.  At least Sunday dawned brightly with a whole piece of knitting that looked beautiful.

Still, these are the times which try men's souls.

Obviously, this was written before I had kids.  I can't even imagine being able to give a "whole Saturday" to knitting.  Maybe someday.

And, I don't have such a strong hatred for crochet anymore.  I might even learn it some day.


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