L is for Lollipop (year 2, week 25)

I don't know what happened to our week!  It's Saturday evening, and I'm just now thinking about this blog and our homeschooling.  This was supposed to be "L is for Lollipop week," with a focus on candy experiments and tooth brushing.  We did a bit of candy counting, but that was it.  Here are the things I've found on Pinterest for the week.

- candy patterns
- lollipop roll and cover
- candy shop math/spelling activity
- bubblegum bump game
- money counting printable
- m&m preschool pack
- buying candy money counting cards

- chocolate play dough
- water displacement experiment
- weighing candy
- crushing candy
- gummy bear experiment
- tooth brushing practice
- lollipop flavor mixing
- make rock candy

{Update on the Kids}

She is four and a half and starting to look and behave more and more like a kindergartner every day.  Since we've moved to our new house, she's started helping me a lot.  She's able to sort her own laundry and put it away.  She loves to help wash the dishes (and plays for a long time in the bubbly water) and is good at cleaning things with a wet cloth (kitchen benches, floor, etc).  Recently, she's gotten very good at cleaning her room and straightening things in the kids' bathroom.  Daddy has been teaching her to shop, while I've been teaching her grocery shopping (with her own cart!).  She is still a "science girl" but has started getting interested in math concepts lately.  She's looking forward to starting more formal school next year (kindergarten).

He is three and a half and still loves trucks, wheels, airplanes, and trains.  He recently inherited an extra large lego figurine, which he calls his "man" and carries around everywhere.  He spends a lot of his day running around with his arm flinging around in a circle, pretending to be an airplane or running as fast as he can pushing his truck around the house.  He prefers firm and somewhat aggressive forms of affection- noogies, hard hugs, wrestling, tickling, head-butting, punching, ramming....  We're working on teaching him how to be gentle, but mainly we find ways to join him in his loving forms of aggression.  He will also give kisses and is quick to say "I love you."

He is two and a half (all the kid are 13 months apart) and has recently come into his toddlerhood.  It seems like overnight, we went from cautious and gentle to daring and rough.  He climbs and jumps and runs around the yard with his siblings, as if he had been doing it his whole life.  He has a decent vocabulary, but gets very frustrated when his plans and ideas don't work out the way that he thinks they should in his head.  He's experimenting with dressing himself and putting on his brother's shoes.  He refuses to have anything "babyish" about himself and refuses help on almost everything.  It's an interesting time.


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