New House- New Kitchen

The first thing I organized in our new house was the kitchen.  It's the heart of the home (and the center of the floor plan), and I needed it to be cute and efficient as quickly as possible.  Many of the areas aren't done yet, some of them have changed since we took these pictures, but I wanted to get these on the blog anyways.  As you can see, I went a little mason jar crazy.  I plan on getting the labels on the blog as a printable soon.

Can you guess the era of the house?  I'm sure we'll try to remodel it at some point, but, for now I'm very happy with my new kitchen.  It has a large island in the middle of the large space, which I have turned into my baking center.  These are quart and pint-sized mason jars that I'm using for storage.  The upper counter doesn't really have a purpose yet, except that it's just high enough to be out of the reach of the kids.  Since taking this picture, I've added a child lock to the cupboard, in hopes that it will prevent an unauthorized sensory mess.

More mason jars!  I know this doesn't look complete and some of the jars don't match the others, but I'm very pleased with the way it looks so far.  The boards (which I still need to finish somehow) are 4x4's from the hardware store.  I like how the addition of the risers allows all the jar labels to be seen at once.  The plant is currently sitting on a pot, so I need to get a riser for it (and I'd like it a bit higher).  Overall, I'm really liking the look of this area.

I was most excited about having counter space for a coffee station.  I used yet more Mason jars to store all the fun possibilities.  I'm not sure if it's done yet or what it needs.

So, that's my kitchen for now.  Not quite Pinterst-perfect, but it's feeling very homey.


  1. nice job. I like the concept. Cute and handy are the best.


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